Personalized in-home baking & decorating
classes, parties, & instruction


We love baking, we love people, and we love teaching — so we love helping you in your own kitchen!

We will work with you to find the right recipe(s) for your event, decide together whether you want to provide the ingredients or if you’d like us to, we will prep all ingredients in your kitchen (and show you how as appropriate), we’ll bake while teaching you in your own kitchen (and encouraging you to take the lead with the actual baking as much as you’d like), and we’ll clean up when we’re done. If you don’t own the right tools and supplies for the job, we will bring them with us. We’ll work together to figure out the best pricing structure (per person, per hour, per project).

Possible scenarios:

  • Looking for something different and fun for your child’s birthday party? Have us over to teach all the kids how to make their own chocolate sandwich cookies, how to make royal icing and decorate sugar cookies, how to make a layer cake, or how to bake whatever they’re dreaming of! Perfect for Brownies and Scouting Troops, too (think of all the badges you could earn)!

  • Always wanted to learn how to make pate a choux dough, a souffle, or a cherry clafoutis? Have us join you in your kitchen to show you how.

  • Want to surprise your significant other with a homemade cake for their next birthday or anniversary? We’ll come to your kitchen and show you how. You’ll have a great cake when we’re done, plus you’ll know how to do it next time all on your own.

  • Need some chill time with your friends? Have us over for a girls (or boys)-night-in! We’ll teach you all how to bake whatever you’ve got a hankering for — and we’ll even clean up the mess!

  • Have a cooking or book club and want to shake things up a bit? We’ll come to your place and provide baking or decorating instruction that makes sense for whatever you’ve got on your agenda that month.

  • Personalized in-home date night activity while the kids are with their grandparents? Check — we can find the perfect recipe for you two to learn together.

  • Last minute baking emergency? We’ll come to your kitchen and make your problems go away!

Contact us at to plan your perfect event!